Friday, April 24, 2009

About /dev/mtdblock3 on pogoplug

I've asked pogoplug support if they have any plan to use that extra partition, and the below was the answer:

We have left mtdblock3 for linux users to use at their discression.  We have reserved mtd0 for bootloader, mtd1 for kernel, mtd2 for root file system (and it is all we firmware update).  mtd3 and mtdblock3 are the majority of the NAND flash (~450MB) and we currently have no plans to use it at all.

One word: awesome! I'm feeling a lot better about buying pogoplug. Now if only I can get cups working. I haven't had time to fight with cups yet, but it seems that it's not the cups but something at the kernel level that's not working...

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